Rooted in the Wood

Unfortunately our exhibition “Rooted in the Wood” won’t be opening at the Fashion and Embroidery show at the NEC this week! It has been postponed until June.

I Exist In Two Places

We are delighted to announce our new exhibition

I Exist In Two Places

here and where you are

An exploration of communication and connections in our modern world.

22nd July – 2nd September 2017

The Steel Rooms

1 – 5 Springs Way


DN20 8EQ

The 10 members of the group have been busily working away at a variety of interpretations of the theme using a different media, and as we take more photos, we will let you see a bit more of what is in store for visitors.

Whilst doing so, we have also been collaborating on our group project, which this time is based on postcards.

Every member collaborates with every other member to create a postcard in two halves.  One person designs 50% of the surface area, and hands it on for the next person to complete.  We started off largely dividing the space down the middle, but very quickly, the 50% became any 50% of the area – diagonal, central, stripes, asymmetrical, borders etc.  There was no shortage of imagination when it came to dividing up the real estate!  We hope these little works of art will inspire you: we had so much fun working on them.

The Steel Rooms in Brigg is a great little destination. There is a lovely cafe serving great food, plus a shop full of unusual things. The Gallery is upstairs, as is the workshop room.  The Steel Rooms run regular workshops, but Nolitex member Liz Welch will be running a workshop based on her Internet Icons – stylised faces in acrylic paint.  There will also be demonstrations going on during the exhibition by different members.  More details as we get closer to the event.

You are invited to Meet The Artists at our Artists Reception on Saturday 29th July from 12 -3pm.

Why not make a day of it and visit the Ropewalk Gallery at Barton On Humber as well, it is not far away.



Engineered – New Mixed Media and Textile Exhibition

Engineered Flyer A5Just over a month to go before we open Engineered – our new exhibition at Papplewick Pumping Station, Nottinghamshire.  Selection of work has taken place, final tweaks are being made, and we are visiting Papplewick again to make absolutely sure we know where each piece of work is going to go.

The challenges of mounting an exhibition in such an industrial, and historical setting are being met with practical inventiveness; each one has to be considered carefully, and the fittings to make it hang or stand in its perfect location tailor made to suit that precise spot.  It is not in the least like hanging work in a gallery where the walls are white and the fixings are known.  However, the end result will be much more exciting and dynamic than seeing the work in a white space.  You will find it inside and outside the Pumping Station, creating contrast to the surroundings, yet being sympathetic at the same time.

Visit on a Steam day to really get a sense of the magic, the power, and the beauty of the magnificent Victorian engineering, and enjoy our contemporary interpretation of this wonderful industrial legacy that is Papplewick Pumping Station.

Open May 3rd – August 31st, every Sunday – restricted times on non Steam days. Please visit the Papplewick website for opening times and further details.


Forthcoming Exhibition 2015

Those of you who follow our blog will be wondering where we have been:-

Working away on our next exhibition of course! We have called it Engineered, and it will be running all summer long from the beginning of May to the end of August 2015.

Papplewick Pumping Station in Nottinghamshire is the venue and the inspiration for this new body of work. You will need to check their website for opening times, but if you can get to a Steaming day then grab the opportunity as it brings everything to life.

Papplewick Pumping Station
Papplewick Pumping Station

The setting for our new work is truly challenging. Papplewick Pumping Station is a beautiful example of Victorian engineering and architecture, set in lovely grounds just a few miles north of Nottingham. The scale of the building and the machinery, the fact that it all still works and you can see it in action, the lure of steam, and the enthusiasm of the volunteers, and just about every aspect of Papplewick captured our collective imaginations.

Throughout the year the boilers are set to work and the grandeur of the James Watt Beam Engines is an awe-inspiring sight. You might think it would be noisy and dirty, but the cathedral-like engine room is brought to life with the rhythmic, powerful motion of the beams and pistons in an almost silent ballet with gentle puffs of steam from copper bound cylinders.

Here is a sneaky peak of work in progress, along with a few words from the some of the artists.  We will post some more in the coming weeks.

Papplewick Oil Cloth 4 Mary Whittaker IMG_4105

Mary Whittaker

The imposing size of the piston rods, beams and flywheels is awe-inspiring. Yet inside the metal are tiny crystal formations – some called ‘pearlite’. That contrast in scale inspired me to investigate further. Oh happy bands of volunteers – each with your oily rags – tending and nurturing such Victorian splendour.


Kate Pike

The strength and sturdiness of the structures and machinery, contrasting with the lace-like design of the stairs, and the copper glowing in the light of the sun through the stained-glass windows. Beauty and utility together inspire practical pieces and abstract sculptures

Jean Cylinder1

Jean Copsey

The moving parts of the machines inspired expressive drawing. From that came the shapes, colours and sense of movement in my work


Carly Gilliatt

The machinery of Papplewick has been the focus of my interest and ideas; the size, scale, juxtaposition and layers of strong, solid shapes. This only increased when I witnessed it ‘In Steam’ and in motion. Trying to capture all of these aspects working together has been my goal


Janet Wain

The powerful and rhythmical beam engines, steam driven by coal from the stokers shovels, the fire of the men who, metaphorically and physically, brought the machinery to life, has informed my work for this exhibition, reflecting a sense of scale, form and human achievement.

JB 1

Judith Burnett

Papplewick is a place of many contrasts. Rusted metals and shiny machinery; cobwebs and glowing stained glass and oversized spanners alongside delicate oil cans. The differences in scale and the prevalent colours found around the site, have been a source of fascination and inspiration in my work for Engineered

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Coralie Arlen

I am exploring aspects of water management; its transportation through networks of pipes and its storage in the magnificent underground reservoir. Metalwork shows rust, cracked paint and lime scale encrustations, whilst spotlights cast shadows through brick columns and arches – as if the stage is set for a theatre production

Robyn 1

Robyn Smith

The workmanship and attention to detail, even down to the smallest bolts and screws took my attention at Papplewick. The contrast between the gleaming polished metals of the interior and the rusty, coal-dusted, workmanlike areas define the approach to my work for this exhibition.

LW Those who have gone before

Liz Welch

To reach the level of beautiful engineering that is Papplewick Pumping Station, the engineers have built their knowledge by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before them. Layer upon layer of talent and skill creating beauty where there need be none to perform the function of pumping water to the homes of Nottingham.

Over the last 9 months we have also been working on some collaborative pieces involving 2 or 3 members in each little collaborative group.  It was the luck of the draw who we ended up working with, and this has proved challenging, but most of all, exciting. Learning to work closely with another artist, bending to, and playing on each others strengths, discovering our own weaknesses, and then producing work that reflects all participants in the collaboration.

Coralie, Carly and Robyn have been making chain links, a perfect example of the whole being more than the sum of its parts; this idea is reflected in each and every piece that resulted from working together.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJudith and Liz concentrated on the engineers who built Papplewick and artefacts that represent their work.
L&J Book of Works 4

There will be more to follow when we have images to share with you.  But it is always better to see these things in the flesh, and we would love to have the chance to welcome you to Papplewick over the summer.  On Steam days we will be there to talk to anyone who wants to know about the exhibition and all the varied pieces that it comprises.  You will find the work inside the pumping station and boiler house, and also in the grounds.

Papplewick is a family day out when it is in steam; something for everyone.  Beautiful architecture, lovely grounds, a mysterious underground reservoir, and a little steam engine railway to ride and of course the lure of the beam engines themselves.  There is music and picnic spots and a little cafe, and so many wonderful volunteers who keep everything going. You can ask them questions and watch them do stuff.  I can’t tell you exactly what stuff, as I am not an engineer, but a lot of it involves coal, oil and heavy bits of metal, large spanners, wheels whirling around, pistons pumping, and governors spinning, but they are always very keen to chat about it all!

See you there.

Inside Out – New Exhibition – Hanging Day.

Today is setting up day for INSIDE out, our new exhibition which opens tomorrow at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln.  We would love to see you there.

Members of the group will be at the gallery every day from tomorrow 14th May through to Sunday 26th May, and the gallery is open from 10am to 5pm every day including Sundays.  If you want to meet all of us, (well almost all of us), then come along on Saturday 18th May between 2pm and 4pm to Meet The Artists.

We have all been busy developing the ideas that were generated for our exhibition in the garden at Easton last summer, and we have a whole new body of work to present to you based on a garden theme.  Screen printing, felting, stitched textiles, mixed media, and more, feature in our colourful new work.

Here is a little preview to whet the appetite.


Joan Richardson’s Sentinel


Liz Welch’s Talking But Not Talking


Jean Copsey’s Roots and Seeds


Judith Burnett’s Alliums or Aliens?


Liz Welch’s It Takes All Sorts4Sally2b

Sally Malloy’s Leaf Litter

Once again we will have CDs of the exhibition (£5) available to buy along with hand made cards and postcards.

See you there!

Reaction to Nolitex at the NEC

Despite the awful weather, those that managed to get to the NEC for Fashion Embroidery and Stitch and see our Out There exhibition were delighted with what they saw.  here are just a few of the comments left in our book:

“Best in Show”  Hilary, Shropshire

“What wonderful fun, it made me smile”  Jenny G.

“An excellent display”  Mrs Hammond

“Inspirational display – like the idea of displaying pieces in a garden”  Anne S

“Beautiful and inspirational art that celebrates art in the open air” M Deering

“Brilliant – love the colour and scale and wit”  Sue T

“Love it all.  The glove plants – fantastic idea.  The clock, amazing.  Great use of upcycling – the Chinese lanterns,  I have often wondered what to do with fruit nets.  Fab”  Svena B

“This is absolutely fabulous and inspirational work.”  Sandra S


Janet Wain’s The Gardners.  Sadly, these would not fit into our stand at the NEC, but the vibrant colour and scale epitomise the exhibition.

If you would like a CD of the exhibition as it was at Easton Walled Gardens then please email  The CDs cost £5 and contain more than 90 images of the work in situ as well as information on the artists an their thoughts behind their work.

OutThere disc

We are following on from Out There with InsideOut, a new body of work which is a development from our work for Out There.  We open at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln on 14th May for two weeks.  Mark it in your diary!

Out There at the NEC

Find us at M10 in the Fashion Embroidery and Stitch section of the show, the bit with the yellow carpet.IMG_2182

Getting the outside stuff inside, proved to be a challenging task, but I think that we managed it pretty well.  Sadly the space would not allow for everything to go up, but we have a good representation of the exhibition on the stand.  This is as we left it on Wednesday, setting up day at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch.  Nolitex’s Out There exhibition, inside the hangar that is the NEC.


Mary Whittaker was very keen to get a low shot of Janet Wain’s “Walk The Garden” (aka “The Little People”) with the back drop of the outsize photos of the work as it was in situ at Easton Walled Gardens.

IMG_2184Judith Burnett thought it would be a great idea to take a shot of Mary taking a shot of Judith with another photographic backdrop depicting Judith’s “Woolyhocks” in the flower beds at Easton Walled Garden.  I was just amused by the pair of them.

Kate Pike, our chairman, Mary, Judith and I (Liz Welch) were the setting up team, ably assisted by the ladder and hammer wielding Graham and John (husbands of Mary and Kate).  As we had started really early (do you detect a degree of reluctance to get out of bed on a cold and windy morning?) we managed to finish in good time to get home in time for supper.  When we left in the late afternoon, some people had not even begun to set up their stands.

Judith, Kate and I were back at the NEC on Thursday for the opening day, and we saw a steady flow of people on the stand, all a little bit amazed by the idea of textiles and mixed media in the garden getting very wet and very blown about (August 2012 was a dreadful month for wind and rain).

If the snow has not deterred too many people from making the journey to Birmingham this weekend, I think we will be able to report  a large footfall, much interest and a lot of very pleased and inspired visitors.  I am back at the NEC tomorrow, Sunday, and will be on the stand most of the day, except for an hour at lunchtime when I will be demonstrating on the Jewellery Maker TV stand E28  in the Hobbycrafts section of the show.

See you there.

Liz Welch

Nolitex Exhibition in Virtual Print

A new on line magazine called My Creative Diva will be featuring Nolitex and our recent exhibition Out There in their upcoming issue available on the 10th March.issue_6_front_cover Joan Gordon (past editor of Making Jewellery Magazine)  is the inspiration behind this title and it spans lots of different creative areas. You can check out this new and innovative magazine and see back issues for free if you are quick.

Don’t forget to come and see us at the NEC 21st – 24th March on ZM10

Textile and Mixed Media Exhibition by Nolitex Went Down a Storm

Seed Packets
Judith Burnett

OutThere, our latest textile and mixed media exhibition at Easton Walled Garden in August went down a storm.  I could mean this quite literally as the weather was so dreadful for much of the time, but everything survived and looked fantastic in the garden setting.

The Watchers
Liz Welch

Here are a few of the lovely things people had to say about OutThere:

“I am blown away!!! What an amazing idea to exhibit textiles outdoors – I loved the walk – searching for the works – inspirational throughout!!! Thank you”

“…Absolutely beautiful.  Imagination and skill rolled into one – glorious!!”

“What a wonderful exhibition inspired by these lovely gardens and inspiring others.  A great concept and realisation” 

“Fabulous experience, enjoying the connection between the gardens and the textiles….”

Walk The Garden
Janet Wain

We used every part of the garden and visitors needed to walk all around it to find all of the pieces.  Some were obvious, others needed you to look a little harder.


If you like this then when you go to Hobbycraft, Fashion Embroidery and Stitch and Sewing For Pleasure at the NEC from March 21st – 26th 2013 you will have a chance to see a few of these pieces up close and personal.

Jean Copsey

Nolitex has a stand (ZM10, not too far from the Fashion Show stage).  We will be bringing a small selection of work from OutThere,  Sadly we can’t bring too much as the pieces are large and the stand is not!  But it will be a variety, and it will be worth seeing.

The White Wood
Mary Whittaker

There will be cards and portfolio pieces for sale as well as a CD of images of all the pieces in the exhibition in situ, as they were at Easton Walled Garden. Close up images and overall pictures, along with words from each artist about their work.  All for £5 – excellent value.  If you can’t go, but would still like a CD of OutThere, then please email

Sulehay Wood
Sally Malloy

Do come and visit us on the stand, we would love to see you.We can also tell you about our new exhibition InsideOut which is a development from OutThere, with new work based upon the ideas and pieces that we exhibited at Easton Walled GardenInsideOut will open at the Sam Scorer Gallery, 5 Drury Lane, Lincoln, LN1 3BN on 14th May for 2 weeks.  You would be most welcome to come and Meet The Artists on Saturday 18th May in the afternoon.

Digitalis Fanciflora
Liz Welch

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