New Exhibition

We are delighted to present a new body of work to you. 

a coastal view poster


This is an intimate exhibition with tactile interactive elements.  The Spotlight Gallery in Newark is a lovely space, right in the heart of Newark, Nottinghamshire, on the market square.  Come and join us for refreshments and meet the members of the group on Wednesday 18th Feb from 11am to 12.30, the Mayor of Newark will be making a visit as well.

The work for this exhibition represents a precursor for a more major event which will be staged in 2010.  To give you a taste of what you might see, take a look at the images below.









4 thoughts on “New Exhibition

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  1. I went to see your excellent exhibition today and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was especially good to be able to handle the pebbles and also experience the surprises of sound with some of them. I’m glad I braved the lift! The techniques used were intriguing in some cases and the Cornish inspired pieces made me want to catch the next train to St Ives! I’m looking forward to your major event next year.

  2. Thank you Julie, we are glad that you enjoyed our small offering. By the time we get to the Main Event we should have lots of things to touch and explore. See you then.

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