What a Show!

It was a real joy to see so many people come and visit our stand at the NEC during Fashion, Embroidery and Craft this last week, and it was a pleasure to chat to so many keen folk who appreciated seeing the diversity of art on  show.  I am not just talking about the Nolitex stand but all the other wonderful exhibits as well.    The variety of work was marvellous and every member of Nolitex enjoyed having the chance to see and be inspired by other groups and artists.  However, most of all we loved talking to you about what we are most passionate about – our own work! 

There is no doubt about it, A Question Of Identity certainly hit the mark for many people, they found it easy to identify with the ideas and inspiration behind these most personal of pieces, and they thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk to the artists who created them.  They enjoyed it all so much that they bought every CD catalogue of the exhibition that we had, and we even had to send some out after the event.  It is not in the least surprising as there are 90 images of the work from the whole touring exhibition on the CD, not just images from the selection we had at the NEC.  All this for a mere £4!  So if you missed out and would like a copy then email us at lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk and we will send you a copy post haste (P&P 50p).

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