Now that the first showing of TideLine has come to an end, we can show you why we were so pleased with the way everything came together.


We welcomed hundreds of visitors to the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln over the two week period that the exhibition was open, and the response was overwhelmingly positive; the comments in our visitors book are a delight to read, and all the verbal expressions of appreciation and amazement made it a heart-warming experience stewarding.


My personal experience of stewarding made me acutely aware that what we were showing surprised and far exceeded the expectations of our visitors in terms of quality and variety of work, and the interpretation of the theme. Also many people commented on the general ambience and atmosphere created in the gallery through careful hanging of the work within the space.


The individual interpretations evoked thoughts of seaside and coast that satisfied something cherished within – childhood memories of beach and holidays, personal stories of lives lived in coastal environments, and more recent recollections of reflective interludes by the sea. Something for everyone – thought provoking, stimulating and inspirational.


This exhibition will tour; we are actively seeking new venues to bring our own particular band of sophisticated contemporary textile art to a wider audience.


If you would like a CD catalogue of the exhibition with 94 good quality images of work, plus, in the artists own words, their inspirations and thinking behind the art they have created, then please email me at enquiries@rarebird.ltd.uk The cost is only £5 plus £1 P&P.

4 thoughts on “TideLine

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  1. If this exhibition comes within striking distance for me I shall definitely try to visit it.

  2. We visited the exhibition, and I do very much agree that the quality of works were excellent. Some pieces gave me a lot to think about and others woke up half forgotten memories, both valuable to the experience of art. Thank you for this, and I look forward to visit your next exhibition!

  3. A great venue which gave you space to spread out your lovely work.

    Have you considered Newstead Abbey re exhibition space? They do have WBEG textiles on display from time to time. Or Catmose in Oakham?

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