Fashion Embroidery and Stitch and TideLine

Our stand at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC was a little different to last year, and proved a challenge to hang a cohesive exhibition as we had a whopping pillar in the middle.  However this did give us more wall space so we could show more work from TideLine.  Members of the group always enjoy the opportunity to chat to interested visitors about the work in the show, and we hope that those of you who visited us enjoyed what you saw.

We extend a very special welcome to our newest member of Nolitex who exhibited with us for the very first time – Kate Pike.  Her finely wrought and cleverly constructed piece “Abandoned” was much appreciated and very well received by visitors to the stand.


Hanging Liz Welch’s 6.5m necklace “On The Strand” on one of the outside walls was not easy at all, but we managed it in the end.

I wonder how many people would have been able to identify which bits were made using Friendly Plastic.

Joan and Mary sorting out all the labels to put on the pieces.  You can see work by Jean Copsey, Sally Malloy, Christine Westlake and Janet Wain.

Janet’s lovely bits of driftwood lead the eye in to Liz Welch’s “In Suspense” in the corner. 

One of the outside walls with work by Joan Richardson and Mary Whittaker

Another outside wall with work by Sally Malloy, Christine Westlake and Joan Richardson

Mary rummaging for something, possibly the delicious home made lemon curd cake she produced for us all at coffee time.  In the foreground you can see Judith Burnet’s colourful seafront sweetie stall inspired work.

We hope that everyone who managed to come along enjoyed the work, and that you had the opportunity to talk to the members of Nolitex and perhaps buy a card or a CD catalogue.  The CD catalogue contains almost 140 images including artists statements, overall images and close ups of every piece in the original exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln July 2010. (£5 each plus £1 P&P) available from    We also have vailable a catalogue CD of “A Question Of Identity” our previous exhibition for £4 plus £1 P&P.


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