New Exhibition for 2012 – Out There

We are delighted to announce our new exhibition for 2012

The venue is a hidden gem in Lincolnshire’s treasury of gardens.  Members of Nolitex have been working for more than 18 months on pieces for this exhibition, the span of which includes screen printing, stitch, felting, mixed media and recycled textiles on a scale befitting the outside setting.

The history of the garden, its people and of course the physical garden itself  influenced our thinking, which in its turn evolved into works of beauty, humour and pathos.

Working with Lady Ursula Cholmeley and her team at Easton Walled Gardens, we have delved into its past, and embraced its present to bring you something a little different, and we hope that you will be able come and experience for yourselves the magic that is art in an out-door space.

Do join us for Meet The Artists on Sunday 19th august when we hope every Nolitex Member will be there to talk to you and reveal their thinking behind this exciting body of work.

Over the next few months we will give you a glimpses of some of the work in progress.  Below are some of the recycled glove flowers that Liz Welch is working on.  Digitalis Fanciformus is created from unwanted gloves donated by all sorts of people, including contributions from Norway and Australia, thus representing the wide spectrum of visitors to Easton Walled Gardens.

Jean Copsey’s beautiful screen  printing adorns our publicity material, it is so evocative of the wilder parts of the garden.


2 thoughts on “New Exhibition for 2012 – Out There

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  1. I am looking forward to this show at Easton Walled Gardens (I am a friend there). I have seen some of your other exhibitions and enjoyed them.
    Best wishes from Deirdre.

  2. Congratulations Nolitex. It is a wonderful exhibition. Easton Gardens is a lovely setting. Had a lovely day out.

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