Textile and Mixed Media Exhibition by Nolitex Went Down a Storm

Seed Packets
Judith Burnett

OutThere, our latest textile and mixed media exhibition at Easton Walled Garden in August went down a storm.  I could mean this quite literally as the weather was so dreadful for much of the time, but everything survived and looked fantastic in the garden setting.

The Watchers
Liz Welch

Here are a few of the lovely things people had to say about OutThere:

“I am blown away!!! What an amazing idea to exhibit textiles outdoors – I loved the walk – searching for the works – inspirational throughout!!! Thank you”

“…Absolutely beautiful.  Imagination and skill rolled into one – glorious!!”

“What a wonderful exhibition inspired by these lovely gardens and inspiring others.  A great concept and realisation” 

“Fabulous experience, enjoying the connection between the gardens and the textiles….”

Walk The Garden
Janet Wain

We used every part of the garden and visitors needed to walk all around it to find all of the pieces.  Some were obvious, others needed you to look a little harder.


If you like this then when you go to Hobbycraft, Fashion Embroidery and Stitch and Sewing For Pleasure at the NEC from March 21st – 26th 2013 you will have a chance to see a few of these pieces up close and personal.

Jean Copsey

Nolitex has a stand (ZM10, not too far from the Fashion Show stage).  We will be bringing a small selection of work from OutThere,  Sadly we can’t bring too much as the pieces are large and the stand is not!  But it will be a variety, and it will be worth seeing.

The White Wood
Mary Whittaker

There will be cards and portfolio pieces for sale as well as a CD of images of all the pieces in the exhibition in situ, as they were at Easton Walled Garden. Close up images and overall pictures, along with words from each artist about their work.  All for £5 – excellent value.  If you can’t go, but would still like a CD of OutThere, then please email lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk

Sulehay Wood
Sally Malloy

Do come and visit us on the stand, we would love to see you.We can also tell you about our new exhibition InsideOut which is a development from OutThere, with new work based upon the ideas and pieces that we exhibited at Easton Walled GardenInsideOut will open at the Sam Scorer Gallery, 5 Drury Lane, Lincoln, LN1 3BN on 14th May for 2 weeks.  You would be most welcome to come and Meet The Artists on Saturday 18th May in the afternoon.

Digitalis Fanciflora
Liz Welch

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