Out There at the NEC

Find us at M10 in the Fashion Embroidery and Stitch section of the show, the bit with the yellow carpet.IMG_2182

Getting the outside stuff inside, proved to be a challenging task, but I think that we managed it pretty well.  Sadly the space would not allow for everything to go up, but we have a good representation of the exhibition on the stand.  This is as we left it on Wednesday, setting up day at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch.  Nolitex’s Out There exhibition, inside the hangar that is the NEC.


Mary Whittaker was very keen to get a low shot of Janet Wain’s “Walk The Garden” (aka “The Little People”) with the back drop of the outsize photos of the work as it was in situ at Easton Walled Gardens.

IMG_2184Judith Burnett thought it would be a great idea to take a shot of Mary taking a shot of Judith with another photographic backdrop depicting Judith’s “Woolyhocks” in the flower beds at Easton Walled Garden.  I was just amused by the pair of them.

Kate Pike, our chairman, Mary, Judith and I (Liz Welch) were the setting up team, ably assisted by the ladder and hammer wielding Graham and John (husbands of Mary and Kate).  As we had started really early (do you detect a degree of reluctance to get out of bed on a cold and windy morning?) we managed to finish in good time to get home in time for supper.  When we left in the late afternoon, some people had not even begun to set up their stands.

Judith, Kate and I were back at the NEC on Thursday for the opening day, and we saw a steady flow of people on the stand, all a little bit amazed by the idea of textiles and mixed media in the garden getting very wet and very blown about (August 2012 was a dreadful month for wind and rain).

If the snow has not deterred too many people from making the journey to Birmingham this weekend, I think we will be able to report  a large footfall, much interest and a lot of very pleased and inspired visitors.  I am back at the NEC tomorrow, Sunday, and will be on the stand most of the day, except for an hour at lunchtime when I will be demonstrating on the Jewellery Maker TV stand E28  in the Hobbycrafts section of the show.

See you there.

Liz Welch


3 thoughts on “Out There at the NEC

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  1. Beautiful site liz. Welldone. Pls let us know when the show isin 2014. So we Çan plan Ahead. Amazing you find time to blog in the middle of it all.

  2. Hello
    I really liked your happy, creative display and I did enjoy talking to you.
    My work is nowhere near as adventurous, but will do a garden piece and IF I am satisfied with it I will contact you again

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