Engineered – New Mixed Media and Textile Exhibition

Engineered Flyer A5Just over a month to go before we open Engineered – our new exhibition at Papplewick Pumping Station, Nottinghamshire.  Selection of work has taken place, final tweaks are being made, and we are visiting Papplewick again to make absolutely sure we know where each piece of work is going to go.

The challenges of mounting an exhibition in such an industrial, and historical setting are being met with practical inventiveness; each one has to be considered carefully, and the fittings to make it hang or stand in its perfect location tailor made to suit that precise spot.  It is not in the least like hanging work in a gallery where the walls are white and the fixings are known.  However, the end result will be much more exciting and dynamic than seeing the work in a white space.  You will find it inside and outside the Pumping Station, creating contrast to the surroundings, yet being sympathetic at the same time.

Visit on a Steam day to really get a sense of the magic, the power, and the beauty of the magnificent Victorian engineering, and enjoy our contemporary interpretation of this wonderful industrial legacy that is Papplewick Pumping Station.

Open May 3rd – August 31st, every Sunday – restricted times on non Steam days. Please visit the Papplewick website for opening times and further details.



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