Out There – 15th – 27th August 2012

Out There

15th 27th August

Easton Walled Gardens

Grantham, Lincs

Open Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays.

Normal entrance fees apply

You are invited to Meet The Artists on Sunday 19th August  11am – 4pm

The June meeting of Nolitex was an exciting event – it was Selection Day for the work being entered into our latest exhibition Out There.  We expanded from our normal meeting room into the big hall and began to fill all the tables and walls with fantastic colour, texture and form.  Everyone carefully unwrapping their pieces and revealing the fruits of their creativity ready for the selection process to begin.

The variety of work is wonderful; the inspirations are drawn from Easton Walled Gardens, their history and the people who make up its past and present. The execution involves giant bamboo poles, larger than life human-shaped cut outs, bunting, oversized leaves, knitted paper, textile books, giant seed packets, screen printing, and all manner of things involving recycling acetate, fruit and veg bags, gloves and sticks etc.

Lady Ursula Cholmeley from Easton Walled Gardens came to see the work that she would be hosting, and was most interested in finding out about it all.  In the photo above she is looking at one of Mary Whitaker’s books with Mary.

The tables were groaning with all the work laid out for everyone to see.

The impact of colour, and a sense of joyfulness was what struck me most when I walked into the hall.  You can’t help but be excited at the prospect of seeing all this work in the outdoor setting that inspired it.  All the pieces will be displayed in the gardens, open to the elements; and affected by them too.  However, it would be really nice to have one or two sunny summer days instead of all the rain we have been having!


New Exhibition for 2012 – Out There

We are delighted to announce our new exhibition for 2012

The venue is a hidden gem in Lincolnshire’s treasury of gardens.  Members of Nolitex have been working for more than 18 months on pieces for this exhibition, the span of which includes screen printing, stitch, felting, mixed media and recycled textiles on a scale befitting the outside setting.

The history of the garden, its people and of course the physical garden itself  influenced our thinking, which in its turn evolved into works of beauty, humour and pathos.

Working with Lady Ursula Cholmeley and her team at Easton Walled Gardens, we have delved into its past, and embraced its present to bring you something a little different, and we hope that you will be able come and experience for yourselves the magic that is art in an out-door space.

Do join us for Meet The Artists on Sunday 19th august when we hope every Nolitex Member will be there to talk to you and reveal their thinking behind this exciting body of work.

Over the next few months we will give you a glimpses of some of the work in progress.  Below are some of the recycled glove flowers that Liz Welch is working on.  Digitalis Fanciformus is created from unwanted gloves donated by all sorts of people, including contributions from Norway and Australia, thus representing the wide spectrum of visitors to Easton Walled Gardens.

Jean Copsey’s beautiful screen  printing adorns our publicity material, it is so evocative of the wilder parts of the garden.

Fashion Embroidery and Stitch and TideLine

Our stand at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC was a little different to last year, and proved a challenge to hang a cohesive exhibition as we had a whopping pillar in the middle.  However this did give us more wall space so we could show more work from TideLine.  Members of the group always enjoy the opportunity to chat to interested visitors about the work in the show, and we hope that those of you who visited us enjoyed what you saw.

We extend a very special welcome to our newest member of Nolitex who exhibited with us for the very first time – Kate Pike.  Her finely wrought and cleverly constructed piece “Abandoned” was much appreciated and very well received by visitors to the stand.


Hanging Liz Welch’s 6.5m necklace “On The Strand” on one of the outside walls was not easy at all, but we managed it in the end.

I wonder how many people would have been able to identify which bits were made using Friendly Plastic.

Joan and Mary sorting out all the labels to put on the pieces.  You can see work by Jean Copsey, Sally Malloy, Christine Westlake and Janet Wain.

Janet’s lovely bits of driftwood lead the eye in to Liz Welch’s “In Suspense” in the corner. 

One of the outside walls with work by Joan Richardson and Mary Whittaker

Another outside wall with work by Sally Malloy, Christine Westlake and Joan Richardson

Mary rummaging for something, possibly the delicious home made lemon curd cake she produced for us all at coffee time.  In the foreground you can see Judith Burnet’s colourful seafront sweetie stall inspired work.

We hope that everyone who managed to come along enjoyed the work, and that you had the opportunity to talk to the members of Nolitex and perhaps buy a card or a CD catalogue.  The CD catalogue contains almost 140 images including artists statements, overall images and close ups of every piece in the original exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln July 2010. (£5 each plus £1 P&P) available from lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk).    We also have vailable a catalogue CD of “A Question Of Identity” our previous exhibition for £4 plus £1 P&P.

TideLine at The NEC

We are delighted to announce that selected works from our current touring exhibition Tideline will be at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch at the NEC from 24th – 27th March on Nolitex’s stand ZG07

Come and see us and say hello, members will be on hand every day of the show.

 Besides the work, we will have cards and post cards for sale and CD catalogues for the full exhibition, complete with artists statements.


Now that the first showing of TideLine has come to an end, we can show you why we were so pleased with the way everything came together.


We welcomed hundreds of visitors to the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln over the two week period that the exhibition was open, and the response was overwhelmingly positive; the comments in our visitors book are a delight to read, and all the verbal expressions of appreciation and amazement made it a heart-warming experience stewarding.


My personal experience of stewarding made me acutely aware that what we were showing surprised and far exceeded the expectations of our visitors in terms of quality and variety of work, and the interpretation of the theme. Also many people commented on the general ambience and atmosphere created in the gallery through careful hanging of the work within the space.


The individual interpretations evoked thoughts of seaside and coast that satisfied something cherished within – childhood memories of beach and holidays, personal stories of lives lived in coastal environments, and more recent recollections of reflective interludes by the sea. Something for everyone – thought provoking, stimulating and inspirational.


This exhibition will tour; we are actively seeking new venues to bring our own particular band of sophisticated contemporary textile art to a wider audience.


If you would like a CD catalogue of the exhibition with 94 good quality images of work, plus, in the artists own words, their inspirations and thinking behind the art they have created, then please email me at enquiries@rarebird.ltd.uk The cost is only £5 plus £1 P&P.


We are delighted to announce our brand new exhibition TideLine, full of new and exciting work.  Over the last two years Nolitex members have been taking inspiration from our coastline and expressing our thoughts and reactions in a new body of work that encompasses not only fabric, but mixed media, felt, paper, knitting, and 3D art.

On The Strand by Liz Welch

Approaches are varied; inspiration coming from natural and man-made coastal environments, as well as personal and childhood memories. Political and environmental issues collide with delicate stitching and experimental materials. 

Rip Tide by Mary Whittaker

Sam Scorer Gallery in Drury Lane, Lincoln is a lovely gallery to view an exhibition, and we are pleased to be able to return there to launch our latest body of work.

The gallery is situated very close to the Cathedral and the Castle, which makes it ideal for a day trip venue.  We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery; members of Nolitex will always be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

There will be hand-made cards, postcards and portfolio pieces for sale alongside the artwork.

For those that like a permanent reminder of the wide variety of work on display, we have a CD catalogue with 94 images of work from the exhibition plus statements by the artists explaining the inspiration for their work.  Amazing value at £5.  If you would like one, please email enquiries@rarebird.ltd.uk .

If you can make it to the gallery, your journey will be well rewarded with a fascinating diversity of contemporary textile art reflecting some of the aspects of our varied coastline.

There is parking not too far away, and the gallery has disabled access.

The exhibition will tour; dates and venues will be announced when confirmed.

What a Show!

It was a real joy to see so many people come and visit our stand at the NEC during Fashion, Embroidery and Craft this last week, and it was a pleasure to chat to so many keen folk who appreciated seeing the diversity of art on  show.  I am not just talking about the Nolitex stand but all the other wonderful exhibits as well.    The variety of work was marvellous and every member of Nolitex enjoyed having the chance to see and be inspired by other groups and artists.  However, most of all we loved talking to you about what we are most passionate about – our own work! 

There is no doubt about it, A Question Of Identity certainly hit the mark for many people, they found it easy to identify with the ideas and inspiration behind these most personal of pieces, and they thoroughly enjoyed being able to talk to the artists who created them.  They enjoyed it all so much that they bought every CD catalogue of the exhibition that we had, and we even had to send some out after the event.  It is not in the least surprising as there are 90 images of the work from the whole touring exhibition on the CD, not just images from the selection we had at the NEC.  All this for a mere £4!  So if you missed out and would like a copy then email us at lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk and we will send you a copy post haste (P&P 50p).

A Question Of Identity at the NEC

Probably the very last outing for our successful touring exhibition A Question Of Identity will be at the NEC for the Craft Embroidery and Fashion show from 25th to the 28th March 2010. We have selected pieces from the large touring body of work for you to feast your eyes on, and there will be members of the group there at all times to answer any questions you might have.


For the first time we have produced a beautiful digital catalogue filled with 90 images of the work in the exhibition, close up shots and overall pictures so you can see all the work that toured with QI. The images are all on a CD and you can play them as a slide show on your computer. All this for only £4. If you miss seeing the show, then you can contact Liz Welch lizwelch@rarebird.ltd.uk and order a digital catalogue and have it sent to your door.

Below is a small sample of the images on the disc.


Come and say hello on stand ZM02

In the meant time put some dates in your diary – Nolitex announce their new exhibition TideLine, which will be opened on the 12th July at the Sam Scorer Gallery Lincoln,and will run for two weeks. Judging by the work that has been shown at meetings, it is going to be an interesting and stimulating exhibition.

Bordering On The Middle

group pieceNolitex member Judith Burnett is one quarter of the exhibiting textile group Cinnabar.  They currently have an exhibition entitled “Bordering On The Middle” at Newark Millgate Museum until 20th September 2009.  10am – 4pm (check out the Millgate Museum site for more details).

on the margins hedge_2

This is a detail of Judith’s “On The Margins – Hedge 2”

limpets boulmer beachCinnabar member Julie Williams “Limpets Boulmer Beach”

on the margin-berryDetail of Judith’s “On The Margin – Berry”

The group’s work is finely wrought, the theme interpreted with thought,  the workmanship is precise and the colours vibrant where appropriate, but subtle and muted where a more restful approach has been taken.

This exhibition is well worth the trip to Millgate, it is not big but the four members have produced a very pleasing body of work.

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